Obviously Natasha Cloud is from Delco. People that grew up in Delco are incapable of seeing the metallic blue of a Bud Light can and resist chugging it. You know how the police in Alabama catch football fans who haven’t paid child support with tickets to the Iron Bowl? That’s what Philadelphia should do here to finish construction projects. Everyone in Delco already works construction. Partner with Bud Light to give away a years supply to everyone who works on the I-95 construction. A project that has taken 40 years would be over in a month and we’d still have time to expand 76. We’ll have a 3rd Comcast tower up and functional by Christmas. The potholes in the city will be filled and smoothed. America runs on Dunkin but Delco runs on Beer. Going to trademark that so don’t think of stealing that shirt idea.

And I can make fun of that zoo all I want because there is no county on a better run right now more than Delco. That place is grabbing headlines left and right. You had Mare of Easttown wrap up on Sunday and will probably sweep the Emmys. The popcorn guy is “supposedly” from Delco, but you already knew that…even though they usually cage those zoo animals in the second level because of that exactly. And now Natasha Cloud from the Washington Mystics is deleting Bud Lights on the jumbotron with ease because she’s been practicing since birth. On second thought Delco might becoming too powerful that we need Montco or Bucks County to take away some of the shine. Then again if you made a TV show full of murder and potential incest underlined with alcoholism and a vaping problem no one would believe it if it was outside the Delco county lines.

Natasha Cloud though….COLD BLOODED.