That guy recording might have the most infectious laugh ever. And the Concrete Cowboy coming out of the corner store should have his membership revoked. If you can’t take a horse down two flights of steps without your face caving in than how are you going to ride it down Broad Street when ATVs and dirt bikes are flying by at 100mph?

Everyone knows when the horse bucks you knuck.

I love North Philly. I just assume it’s a wasteland of ATVs, dirt bikes, and horses roaming wild & free of life’s burdens. I spent 2.5 years in North Philly, but the Disneyland version of North Philly at Temple. You don’t get the real experiences in that bubble like you would get at 8th and Lehigh. Imagine someone asks what North Philly is like. Just send them this video to sum it up. Is there anything else you need to know? Yea you can talk about the urban decay, the poverty, the drugs, but I’m a positive guy and I think this shines North Philly in a hilarious but authentic light. We just needed a “dickhead” somewhere for a little extra spice and this would’ve been a perfect video.

I guarantee this corner store has some of the best food in Philadelphia. Their health codes are probably that of the kitchen in the movie Waiting, but the shittier the place looks the better the food is. That’s just the science of a Philly bodega.

Look at the Papy store right outside of my house.

It’s not going to get a Michelin star anytime soon. But you know who wants to eat there? People with the richest palettes and skinniest wallets that’s who. $4 chicken finger platter with fries for the ultimate bang for your buck. They also sell single light bulbs for a $1. Sometimes you only need a quick light bulb and not the $10 4 pack Rite Aid wants to sell you that you end up forgetting about when you move out. Or maybe you’re a social smoker and the Papy store might sell loosies. The corner store is protecting your habits from becoming problems because we both know if you were to buy a pack those would be gone by the time you woke up. Big corner stores like 7 Eleven and Wawa want to fill your lungs with poison.

This video reminded me of an all time Bar Rescue moment when the horse shits on the floor and Taffer absolutely loses it.

“oh he crapped on the floor! OH!”