He has to be right? That’s exactly something Joel Embiid would say after getting his knee scoped out. No chance Embiid or the Sixers handlers lets him take a picture if he’s not 100%. I’m no doctor, but even I can spot that a sleeve instead of a brace on the knee is the best case scenario.

It also helps that Daryl Morey is tweeting out cryptic Robin Hood references at 1am that Everything’s Phine!

But I’m going to do everything I can to find out an answer. I’ll break every HIPAA violation there is.

Do you think Joel Embiid is laughing at his teammates that their plane broke down and they had to bus back to Philly while he’s probably flying private?

This is the one time I wish Adam Schefter was a news breaker for the NBA. Embiid’s MRI would’ve been tweeted out hours ago if it was up to Schefty. That dude doesn’t care about HIPAA, ALCU, SCOTUS, nothing. It’s all about the scoop and say what you want but he had the JPP news before everyone else. I like imagining Schefter threatened an intern to sneak into the hospital and text him a picture of JPP’s medical charts while he was live on NFL Countdown…to both phones.

P.S. Beautiful job by the Sixers to find doctors and nurses who are Embiid fans to make sure there is no foul play. That’s just Daryl Morey once again thinking outside the box while the rest of the league try’s to keep up.

UPDATE: The post is now deleted and __finessa__ went private. No chance she thought a bunch of dudes with Sixers jerseys, no undershirt, and ‘4 for 4 philly sports’ and the Sixers regular season record in their bio were going to be in her DMs about updates on Embiid, but she obviously doesn’t know Sixers fans whose lives depend on this guy.