How the hell did it take this long to remove that banner on The Linc? I’m not saying the Eagles have to erase Carson Wentz from the record books, but do millions of people have to stare at the guy driving down 76 on the way to their miserable jobs in the morning and then again on the way home to their miserable wives. This guy was supposed to be the franchise for the next 15 years. It’s been 2 months since he’s been traded. Have Howie send an intern up there with some scissors and cut that thing loose. We were in a pandemic for god’s sake what else was there to do? Prepare for a draft? You could’ve picked DeVonta Smith and put the team on auto-draft and the fans would’ve been content. Remember when LeBron turned his entire back on Cleveland? They had his banner the size of a football field down in 24 hours.

Time to rip the band aid off Howie. You fucked up. Dust yourself off and get back on the horse. We can pick up the pieces and put on a brave face because that’s what we’ve been forced into doing. Let’s hope for 75% snaps from Carson Wentz next year and Jalen Hurts to show us more than he did in 4 games. God I hope Jalen Hurts is good. This team is primed for the future if Jalen Hurts is good.