Damn. Probably the least inspiring win in Sixers franchise history. Without Tyrese Maxey and Seth Curry this team rolls over and dies tonight. Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid looked like they couldn’t be bothered for the first 3 quarters. They tried to get Tobias Harris going early and he couldn’t hit anything, but at least he looked like he cared. Did Doc Rivers get off the bench once in the 1st half? A journeyman guard who’s never been on the same team for two consecutive seasons and a 20 year old sparked a win tonight.

This series should be over for both teams. The Sixers should’ve never let it get to this point and if Atlanta plays half of what they played like in Game 4 or 5 the Sixers are catching flights to Cancun tomorrow.

And Ben Simmons you had one job. Couldn’t even get 30% of the way there. Just a bunch of dribble handoffs and sitting in the corner all night.

Alright need some positives.

Refs woof. Sixers played 5 on 8 tonight. 5 on 9 if you count Hubie Brown. Jesus Christ Hubie loves the Hawks.

Tyrese Maxey is a future franchise player so might as well get on board to let everyone know you’re an original member.

That’s great company!

Hawks had to beat the Sixers tonight. I’d be shocked if the Sixers lose on Sunday at home. I think in a sick way the way only a Philly fan could think this game might have re-energized the Sixers. There was 0 juice from Ben and Joel in the beginning of the game. Tyrese Maxey very well might’ve inspired these guys.

Finally no more big leads. Can’t do leads anymore until the 3rd quarter. Keep it within 5 going into the 2nd half and we’ll be good. Have to play from behind going forward. It’s the only time they’ve played well.