Russ Joy and Ant SanFilippo on their podcast Snow The Goalie explain at the 26:00 minute mark that Nolan Patrick signed a new agent because he wants to be traded.

“The reason Nolan Patrick switched agents is because he is going to request a trade,” SanFilippo said. “Nolan Patrick does not want to be here anymore; he doesn’t like the criticism that he’s facing, he doesn’t like the spotlight that’s on him, he doesn’t like the coach, at all. I don’t think Nolan Patrick wants to be here.”

Add Nolan Patrick to the list of former #2 overall picks that never panned out in Philly. Squeeze him in between Carson Wentz and Evan Turner then round out the top 5 with Shawn Bradley and J.D. Drew. At this point if you’re a sports franchise in Philly and you get the #2 overall pick trade it immediately. You’re better off getting an already proven player and some picks than anyone the front office will decide on.

It’s almost impossible to not hit on at least one of these.

Off the top of my head I can’t remember a specific time that Nolan Patrick received criticism. Didn’t he just miss a whole season with migraines? Flyers fans have been nothing but patient with him. The guy had 9 points in 52 games this season. Two of the three picks selected after him have been All Stars. If anything Nolan Patrick should be getting more criticism. If I’m Giroux or Hayes and I’m hearing the majority of shit from the fanbase I’d walk into Chuck Fletcher’s office and be like can we not draft players who are absolute dog shit this draft? Maybe if we could bring some talent to surround the 2nd and 3rd lines the Flyers would overachieve for once instead of doing the complete opposite.

So what do you do if you’re the Flyers? Do they change it up. Maybe start looking externally for diamonds in the rough in other organizations to strengthen their front office or farm system? Nope! Hire another former player.

That’s great the Flyers take care of their own if it works out. But when has it? Paul Holmgren sucked at his job and got promoted. You have one playoff moment for the Flyers and you have a job for life. Danny Briere is going to be on the bench in a couple years once he hits the required number of Flyers Wive’s carnivals mandated before moving up in the org. Just in a complete no mans land. It’s like a house that has multiple leaks that are about to burst through the ceiling. Which do you fix first? It feels like the Sixers last year. Except a Hall of Fame coach and executive don’t quit and get fired simultaneously weeks apart from each other normally.

At least we’ll always have the memories of Nolan’s role in Mare of Easttown.