Damn today a comedy legend Jerry Stiller died a couple hours ago of natural causes. His career spanned over 60 years in comedy that started on the Ed Sullivan show with his wife Meara. Both went on a national tour for 10+ years and appeared on the Ed Sullivan show 36 times over that span.



Growing up he was known mostly as George Costanza’s dad Frank on Seinfeld, but I honestly think his King of Queens run is up there with Frank. Basically because he played the same neurotic character. I’d always have Seinfeld on in the background while I was doing things around the house and always stopped to watch when I heard Jerry Stiller’s voice because it was synonymous with a funny scene. RIP to a legend of the game, and thanks for giving us Ben Stiller to continue on your legacy. I’m going down a Jerry Stiller wormhole for the rest of the day.