Well this has to be the least influential crossfitters in this country. Everyone with 100+ followers are doing live workouts and charging people $5 on Zoom or Instagram. This is actually the greatest time to become an entrepreneur in the fitness field because you’re forced to get creative to come up with ways to earn money. How many of these motherfuckers are going to have “Pushups and protests. #openFLA” as their Instagram caption today? I don’t know what the worst part about this is. Doing pushups and squats outside a court house protesting the closure of gyms when you’re proving the fact that you can do these same workouts even if you live in a 5×5 apartment. The American flags? I don’t know what waving an American flag like your team just scored 6 is going to do, but I always love some good patriotism.

Crossfitters are the worst people in the world. They’re vegans mixed with the gluten free gang. If they’re inconvenienced, everyone needs to be inconvenienced. If you’re out to eat they question everything when ordering food. The entree will have the gluten free or vegan logo next to it and they’re still skeptical when ordering. I know it’s been said before, but can we just remove Florida from the Union? They can partner with Cuba. Are we really going to miss Florida? Once the Gulf of Mexico swallows up Miami, what’s the point of even stepping in that state? I mean how can you be an asshole when you have nice weather all year round? You know what sucks? Saturday was 48 degrees in May. The weather hasn’t consistently stayed in the 70s yet. It blows enough having to stay indoors, but when it’s not even fun to go outside because you have to bundle up, that’s the real people who should be protesting. Knock it off Florida. Be normal for us once. You and Georgia are making the East Coast look bad.