Who is the blind designer New Era hired to meet their diversity quotas? There’s no chance a company can continually fuck up this bad at designing hats. Didn’t we just bully New Era into pulling these 24 hours after they were released?

For gods sake New Era just be normal. Stop with the misplaced imagery and different fonts. I’m pretty sure I have a copyright case to sue New Era for taking this design off my grandma’s couch.

That or I might’ve just joined the Bloods. Wouldn’t be the first time New Era marketed to a bunch of white kids living in suburban America who wanted to feel like gang members. If you buy that Phillies cap there’s a good chance your closet has the NFL logo jacket in it.

I always said people in Philadelphia don’t take advantage of the surf in the Schuykill enough.

Now New Era is just fucking with us at this point. 10 years ago this was a fuckup and New Era would ship it to Cambodia. Now some asshole in a Supreme shirt buys it for $60. Probably will flip it for double the price to a bigger asshole.

The crazy thing is there has to be people buying these to because New Era wouldn’t release shitty design after shitty design. Unless we’re in a Mattress Firm situation and New Era is just a front for money laundering. There’s no chance they make their money back on some of these that cost thousands in design, manufacturing, and production. Just like no one buys enough mattresses that there needs to be a Mattress Firm on every corner.


New Era continually releases shitty designs on purpose so people talk about them and they don’t actually ever sell them. Pretty coincidental the shittiest designed hats are all sold out. They know we’re sheep and will freak out at the drop of a………hat.