This is the other brother. Not the other brother ya know who did that thing (allegedly).

Imagine admitting your Ben Simmons’ shooting coach. Then imagine also liking a tweet that you can’t win with Joel Embiid after he just averaged 30/13 on one leg. Minutes after your brother passes up an open dunk late in the game down 2. After an entire series where he refused to shoot in the 4th and tanked his trade stock.

Joel Embiid was asked the turning point of the game and he was exactly right. The Sixers tie it up there instead of Thybulle going 1/2 from the line and it’s a different ball game. If Ben goes up strong it’s 93-93 with under a minute to go. This just adds fuel to the theories that Ben is coddled by his family. First you have to be an idiot to like anything or follow anyone if you’re directly related to a star NBA player. If NBA Twitter worked for the FBI there would be no more terrorists. But to like something criticizing Joel Embiid after we just watched him dominate on one leg is insane. Embiid has supported Ben Simmons his whole career.

Joel on Rights To Ricky Sanchez

“When you think about, we’ve only played — this is what, our third year together playing? We’ve only played for three years, and the potential that we have. And I love him and want to be with him for the rest of my career because I think he has still a lot of potential, and me too. We can get so much better than we are right now and I don’t see the point of us ever playing with somebody else. That’s someone I would love to be playing with for the rest of my career.

Telling him to be more aggressive

“I tell him all the time — first of all, I want him to be aggressive versus every single team,” said Joel Embiid. “Whether it’s making plays or whether it’s to look for his shot, he’s got to be aggressive. He’s got to make guys on the other team guard him.”

Doc wouldn’t allow anyone in the media to say anything wrong about Ben all season. He spent the entire Hawks series telling reporters they didn’t know ball if they wanted him to take out Ben Simmons late in the game because of Hack-A-Ben. Then did exactly that.

If Joel Embiid ain’t team then what is Ben Simmons?