Conversation starts at 5:45 and goes to around the 30 minute mark

Kinda makes sense that Michael Rubin purchases a bigger stake in the Sixers and the first order of business is to fire that snake Scott O’Neil. Maybe Rubin bought out O’Neil and Adam Aron which officially brings Phil E. Moose’s tenure in Philadelphia to an end.

From Sportico

O’Neil was a limited partner in HBSE, which owns a number of assets, including the NBA and NHL clubs, multiple esports teams, a venture fund and the Prudential Center, home of the Devils. He and HBSE partners Josh Harris and David Blitzer reached an agreement on a buyout of that stake, O’Neil said, without providing specifics.

The last straw had to be Scott O’Neil completely bungling cutting employee salaries during a pandemic. Harris & Blitzer hired this guy to make sure everything looked good from an external perspective and he pissed off everyone in the entire country. Joel Embiid, an employee, had to jump in and cover the cost. And Michael Rubin was never consulted on the move which definitely crushed his ego and probably had a hand in upping his stake in the Sixers.

Absolutely insane person move by Michael Rubin to throw a huge party to celebrate Scott O’Neil leaving. Billionaires don’t become billionaires by not celebrating crushing their enemies.