I never thought Flo Rida would poll well in Bridesburg honestly. That neighborhood seems more 80s classic rock, maybe some Iron Maiden, and Springsteen and Kenny Chesney on the 4th during grilling. The Mayor of Bridesburg just convinced me I have that neighborhood pegged all wrong. My House bumps through the speakers of John’s VFW on the weekends. Him and his buddies scan the New Music Friday playlists every week hoping there’s a new Flo Rida hit they can use for their walk up song in beer league softball. John’s all over the Flo Rida message boards wondering when his next album is dropping. Some people follow DMB or Billy Joel up the eastern seaboard John from Bridesburg follows Flo Rida.

Between John From Bridesburg and this kid getting all the women pregnant in the first row why didn’t anyone tell me this was the concert of the year?

Imagine telling your buddies you work for Flo Rida and they ask what you do?

“I let him drape his sweaty nut sack on the back of my neck.”

Thank god for John. Thank god for Flo Rida. The pandemic is over and if you don’t like that you can stay home. John and I will be in the club getting numbers from girls with the apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur until Labor Day.