A white supremacist group marched through the City of Philadelphia Saturday evening. Police say none of the protesters were from Philadelphia. The group, who go by the name “Patriot Front” are based in Texas and they traveled into the city.

Action News was the only crew on the scene as the group traveled down the Ben Franklin Parkway, across Market, Chestnut and Walnut Streets before marching to Penn’s Landing.

You mean to tell me Eagles fans got a free opportunity to beat up some Cowboys fans without being arrested? Sign me up.

Who did the research in this group and decided Philadelphia was the best place to have their little get together? If there is any group of people in the world that aren’t going to care about inserting themselves into your protest it’s a city that will kill their own neighbors over parking in their shoveled out spot after a snowstorm.

And what kind of Mickey Mouse arts n crafts hour do they have going on at Patriot Front HQ? Look at these shields made from the same tupperware your aunt’s macaroni salad is in today.

I mean if you’re a Nazi you can’t also be a giant pussy. How do you let 5 people chase you from City Hall to Delaware Ave? You’ll never ethnically cleanse the country if you wilt at the first sign of adversity. Do you think Hitler would’ve surrendered as everything was caving in?

If we’re trying to find some good in this story Tastykakes just found their way back from bankruptcy by branding themselves the official snack of kicking Nazi ass. If you don’t want a Krimpet after seeing that than you’re part of the problem.

Imagine traveling 3,000 miles in the back of a Penske truck just to get your ass kicked.

Stupid fucking Nazis don’t remember the Show Ya Luv era was the worst in Sixers history.

I wish they were able to round up a couple of these losers and watch The Bear Jew go Teddy fucking ballgame on some Nazi scalps.