How about Shaq here scolding Ben Simmons like he’s a child? What the fuck was that? The “you went to LSU” threw me like Ben spent more than 3 months there. He was basically doing time at LSU. Ben wasn’t even eligible for the Player of the Year Award because he had a 1.8 GPA. My first semester I got a 1.6. I mean I wasn’t what you call dedicated, but this is pretty embarrassing. Ben Simmons didn’t even show up for class, circled “C” on all his multiple choice tests, and still did better than me. Ben Simmons doesn’t care what Shaq says. You know how numb he is to criticism after playing in COD lobbys all his life? This is the same guy who trolled Sixers fans with his #OTTNO pic minutes after putting up a 6/5/9 stat line in Game 6.

No one thinks they have more influence on today’s NBA players than Shaq, Kenny, and Chuck. It was awesome in the beginning of the year when the players were sick of their shit during interviews.

Donovan Mitchell put Shaq’s brain in a figure four lock when he said “alright”. Shaq just completely short circuited so badly he said “I love your game. Keep it up.”