“Are you sure we can’t suspend the Cameroonian?”

Man the NBA hates the Sixers. Adam Silver it was $10 billion dollars can’t that just be water under the bridge? Because anyone who watched this replay and thought yup Joel Embiid is the instigator needs to be fired. John Collins grabs Embiid pulls him in, realizes it was not the right decision, lets him go and then Trae Young with a handful of Embiid’s jersey pushes him in the back escalating it further. Was Hubie Brown acting like Joel Embiid should be thrown in jail what put it over the edge?

We’re not going to talk about John Collins going right for Embiid’s partially torn meniscus while they were on the ground?

At least the NBA took the eye for an eye approach. Bruno Fernando will be suspended without pay for leaving the bench. Huge blow to the Atlanta Hawks. Bruno Fernando who’s averaging 1 min, 1 ppg, .5 rpg, but shooting 100% from the field. Justice served.