So when is Bryce Harper going to not swing at every ball like it just kidnapped his family? Don’t get me wrong when he connects and sends a ball to the moon its absolutely beautiful. But you could power a Tesla with the amount of energy he uses on a swing. Guy looks like the Bear Jew out there.

When is it ok to start worrying about the effect his swing is going to have on him later in his career? Cause I’m worried now. There’s no way Bryce’s back can keep up with that. I love having an MVP caliber type player on my team through the prime of his career, but it doesn’t matter if he’s never out there.

And this isn’t the first time he’s dealt with a lower back issue. He was the DH for the last week of the season because of back pain and had to re-teach himself how to throw in the offseason

It took debilitating back pain last season for Bryce Harper to finally start to do something that he always assumed he had learned a long time ago.

Throw like an outfielder.

Harper grew up playing catcher and third base. It wasn’t until he got drafted in 2010 that the Washington Nationals turned him into an outfielder. And although he has played the outfield for nearly 10 years in the big leagues, the Phillies superstar made a startling discovery when he got home after last season and reviewed video to find ways that he could relieve pressure on his lower back.

So, in addition to going through an offseason’s worth of physical therapy to rehab the strained lower-back muscle that rendered him a designated hitter for the final week of last season, Harper went to work on his throwing mechanics.