My ability to deliver sports analysis is somewhere between stumbling over my words like Foghorn Leghorn trying to get my point across and Bob Costas overcoming adversity while delivering highlights with pink eye. No one can middleman a take like me because I toe the line between rationale and irrational better than anyone. And I did exactly that on the Daily Ticket w/ Sean Brace on FoxPHLGambler today (I’m 35 minutes in if you want to listen to the whole 15 minute interview).

Ben Simmons won’t ever be appreciated in this city by everyone until he starts shooting 40% from 3. We all know that’s never going to happen so we might as well be realistic. Then you have your people who say all they want to do is see him attempt to shoot. I’m pretty sure we have enough data that Ben Simmons shooting 30% from 18ft is probably more realistic than him knocking down more than half his shots from the elbow and beyond. So instead of running this narrative about shooting into the ground we should actually look at how aggressive he is on the offensive side. Aggressive Ben Simmons is the best Ben Simmons. When he’s attacking and seeing shots go in early, getting players involved, and even getting to the foul line he gets more in a groove. That’s the Ben we got in the 1st half last night. We have to start to realize that every player in the league has a deficiency. Jokic can’t defend for shit, Embiid is injury prone and struggled staying in shape over the last couple seasons, LeBron & Giannis can’t shoot. Rudy Gobert is a liability on offense and when he switches onto a guard. We should instead focus our energy on the front office surrounding Simmons with a scorer so he doesn’t have to take on that offensive load as much. Wouldn’t that make more sense?

Shout out to Sean Brace, Jon Jansen and the dudes over there. A lot of people are looking at them as the blueprint for the future of sports radio. They incorporate sports betting and sports talk naturally better than anyone. So give them a chance if you’re looking for something different than this.

Also me not bringing up Antonio Daniels getting crossed up by AI 15 years ago as the reason he talked shit on Embiid today is just bad radio on my end. Gotta get more reps. Gotta get better.