Congratulations to Clint Capela for stopping Joel Embiid the first time all series. I already hate Trae Young & Bogdon Bogdonovich I’m happy to add another Hawks player to the mantle. And if your Nate McMillan do you just shake your head at this quote? People tried to tell Sixers fans that Capela was the “Embiid Stopper” before the series. Spoiler Alert: No one in the league can stop Joel Embiid. Your own fans don’t even trust you to handle Embiid.

Remember when Joel Embiid declared himself the new patriarch of the Capela family in Game 2?

This is the same Clint Capela who got rag dolled from a Seth Curry backscreen.

Clint Capela was so down bad he just started speaking French to try and get in Embiid’s head.

Does Clint Capela have a death wish? Is Embiid averaging 31 and 13 not enough on the series not enough? Game 5 is going to be a blood bath. There’s no chance Embiid doesn’t put up an Instagram after closing it out in game 6 with the location “Fatigue” and the caption “different ballgame”. Stop giving this guy more ammo. Stop poking the bear or he’s going to have to rip your face off.

FWIW I don’t give a fuck.