Doc Rivers postgame.

Joel Embiid catching his breath for the first time since warmups.

Jesus Christ what the hell was that? I know he’s playing on a torn meniscus, but that was the most deflating 17 & 21 I’ve ever seen. He looked absolutely gassed at the end of the game. His shot chart looks like Ben Simmons’ exams at LSU.

And what is Shake Milton doing at the end there? Since when has that guy been afraid to shoot? First time ever we could’ve used Flyers fans on the power play at a Sixers game.

The Tobias Harris and the bench rotation in the second half has already proved to be no good. Why is Doc playing them for extended minutes? Is anyone going to box out John Collins? You can’t let a 4 seed get back into the game when you’re up 18. Especially when Trae Young shoots 3/11 from three. Good teams step on shittier teams necks and don’t let them breathe. Good news is the two times the Hawks have won they shot 90% from 3 and needed Embiid to go 0-12 from the floor. Two abnormalities had to happen for the Hawks to even have a chance. Now we have another 48 minutes where Joel Embiid’s meniscus can sever. The knee isn’t good. You clearly see he’s nursing the injury that it looks like he’s uncomfortable to even walk. How’s Embiid going to last another month? Sixers fans wake up and hold their breath all day until they go to sleep waiting for a Woj bomb that the team is going to shut Embiid down for the rest of the series. Whatever. Life of a Philadelphia fan. Back to Philly. Sixers in 6 (for fucks sake please).

Remember all Bogdan points are under protest this series because he should be in Milwaukee.