Do you ever think Doug Gottlieb shakes his fist at the sky cursing God he let Colin Cowherd be born? Because everything Gottlieb does is Colin Cowherd light. Like this whole clip was Cowherd Light without the nuanced and researched reactionary take that strengthens your argument. Do you think Gottlieb ever get’s tired of being second all the time? He had to wait for Baron Davis to commit because he was UCLA & Georgia Tech’s backup choice.

Gottlieb was perceived to be waiting on Baron Davis to choose a school, as UCLA and Georgia Tech both indicated that Gottlieb was their second choice, after Davis. After Davis chose UCLA, where Gottlieb’s family had season tickets for 20 years and his brother and sister were alums (sister was captain of the cheer squad), Gottlieb looked elsewhere to play college ball.

His dad was a beloved basketball mind and D-1 coach. Two minutes into the video above somehow we get to Gottlieb talking about how he should be a D-1 head coach because he has a radio show, which makes him a good communicator. What the hell is he talking about? You know who else was a great communicator? Stalin, Mussolini, Napoleon. But I don’t trust them to draw up a play out of a timeout down 1, inbounding from under the basket, with 3 seconds left in regulation. Call me crazy but I don’t think Stalin has the chops to break a suffocating Bob Huggins 2-1-1 full court press. I promise you Mussolini ain’t putting his guys in a spot to win at the end of the game because he’s running an effective motion offense.

You have to almost respect Gottlieb though. Everyone is mad at Doug Pederson for tanking, calling for an investigation from the NFL, and ranting it’s a black eye on the integrity of the game. Then Gottlieb comes with a take from the bleachers that they should cut their rookie 2nd rounder. I mean could you imagine. Imagine the Eagles tweeting they cut Jalen Hurts after investing so much time and energy into him to take over when Carson was struggling. Imagine the Eagles releasing their 2nd round pick because he’s a competitor. The Eagles HAD to bench Jalen Hurts or he was going to continue to run all over Washington and the Eagles would be picking #9 instead of #6 in the draft. I love that Hurts was caught on video pissed off, give me that all day. I want some fire in my QB1’s belly!

P.S. Credit to me for not taking one swipe at Doug Gottlieb for getting kicked out of Notre Dame for stealing credit cards. Could you imagine if he Discovered this blog and how angry he’d be? In these hard times, as an American, I can’t Express enough how important it is to treat your fellow man with dignity and respect. There are plenty of people waiting for Visas to this great country that would kill to be in our shoes and we need to appreciate that more. What was done at the Capital, well One, I don’t agree with it and two, those people have some weird high they’ll continue to Chase forever.