In what was truly one of the funniest games of NFL football I’ve ever watched, the Eagles, in the final game of their god forsaken season, secured the sixth overall pick and kept the Giants out of the playoffs. Despite the Football Team’s best efforts to surrender the division, Doug Pederson and his team wisely said “no, thank you” and passed on every possible opportunity to score.

Watching this game knowing the Giants’ fate was in the hands of this minor league football team roster brought a true smile to my face. Doug Pederson made as many losing decisions as humanly possible; it was legitimately impressive.

Jalen Hurts in his fourth start played reasonably well. Unacceptable. He was giving the Eagles too good a chance at victory. Doug simply had to see what Nate Sudfeld could do out there. I can only imagine the sheer pain Giants fans must have felt watching him just hand possession over on several different occasions. It had to have been the most frustrating thing in the world. I revel in their agony.

Even funnier was listening to Al and Chris spend most of the game pretending that tanking isn’t a thing that people do. To pretend the decision to pull Jalen Hurts was anything other than an outward and intentional effort to lose the game is and was very laughable.

There’s nothing of real note to say about this game other than to simply laugh at it. The absolute shamelessness of this tanking effort was incredible. It was honestly some sith-lord shit by the Eagles. Just truly antagonistic to try to lose that hard in a game that mattered to so many people. Villainous, even.

I feel bad for Jason Kelce, who was very open earlier this year that this kind of thing is unacceptable, and Zach Ertz who likely just played his last game in midnight green. It’s definitely sad to see legends go out sad. That said, watching Giants players and fans alike have complete meltdowns was very satisfying. If the Giants wanted to make the playoffs maybe they shouldn’t have gone 6-10 and expected help from a team who can barely win when they have a reason to.

The football world being furious with the Eagles was just wildly funny to see. It’s a little embarrassing I’ll admit but to take the role of the villain of the entire league for one glorious quarter was something I never thought could be so fun.

I am so truly grateful that I will never again have to watch the 2020 Eagles take the field. That abomination of what can barely be called a football game was the perfect send-off for this disgraceful team. I don’t have anything else to say. I’m happy it’s over and I’m happy it ended that hysterically.

The bottom line is losing was productive. Doug and the boys got the job done tonight! It’s officially mock draft season.