Is this the sequel to the original “as long as we don’t screw him up.”? The sequel better be more Godfather 2 than Hangover 2 because our lives depend on the success of this football team.

There’s no shot Doug wanted any high praise of Jalen Hurts on a hot mic. There’s nothing he wants less than being blamed for ruining another QB. You could feel the wheels turning in Doug’s head when Kingsbury brought up Hurts. Doug quickly racked his brain for buzz phrases to describe him, trying to remember his college career. “Been in big games.” “Moments never too big.” “Gotta check his temperature for a pulse.” All great coach speak. You think Doug cares that you don’t use a thermometer to check for a pulse? Nope. He wanted that conversation over as quickly as possible.

I love football coaches referring to million dollar star athletes as their numbers. It didn’t matter if it was Jalen Hurts or Tom Brady coaches always call the QB1 by their number like they’re trying to keep trade secrets between each other. It’s just a football guy move. All they care about is the name on the front of the jersey. Do you think Bill Belichick ever called Tom Brady more than “Twelve”?