Well there goes 41 points, a high motor, intensity, and more A-List nicknames pregame in the tunnel if Hayesy can’t go this year. The worst thing Gary Bettman did was rig the Pens getting Sidney Crosby up until today. Let the demon rappel from the rafters and assault some 13 year olds Gar. You don’t want to have to live everyday looking over your shoulder hoping there isn’t some 7 foot Cheeto staring back at you.

Let Gritty in before he adds another shitty streaming service to the list. Though Gritty+ is probably better than any of the shit Peacock or Apple is putting out right now.

If they’re not going to let Gritty in than the Flyers need to sign him to a one year deal. Trot him out on the penalty kill to get that big ol body in front of some slap shots. At the very least drop him on the 4th line with this breakaway speed! He’s bound to give you as much production as Ghost.

Everything aside it’s a pretty dumb rule they won’t allow mascots in the arena. What’s a mascot and two secret service guys more in a 20,000 seat arena? Just let the guy provide some comedic relief in the stands when the camera cuts to him, make his giant belly squeak, and move on. Last week, Texas Tech had fans basically hanging from the rafters against Kansas by the time the game was over.

Balls in your court Gary. Make the right decision or you’re going to have Gritty’s dick all over your TV like when he hijacked the Winter Classic.