Our sources confirm this is coming from the Islanders side (I feel like such a douche saying we actually have sources, but we actually do lol). Anyway this one is a shock to me. I’m surprised that hockey is getting in on the boycotts, let’s be honest, there hasn’t been much of a stance other and a couple players kneeling in the Round Robin and hockey’s covered totally different in the states than basketball and football. But the Hockey Diversity Alliance called for a shutdown of Thursday’s games and it looks like the Islanders obliged.

After the news of the NBA broke right in the middle of the Flyers game it felt weird to tweet and make jokes about the Islanders due to this monumental sports moment. What a crazy fucking 24 hours in sports. Boycotts. LeBron leading the charge for change. LeBron getting mad at the Bucks for not letting him know they were boycotting before they did and storming out of the meeting. Lakers/Clippers voting against the season. Sources describing the meeting as ugly. MLB, MLS, WNBA, NFL training camp all deciding to not play or practice. LeBron voting for the playoffs to continue. The owners/players meeting to come up with a solution. And now the NHL is cancelling which will force everything back.

The stick to sports narrative has forever changed and we all have to realize that. Platforms are too big and leagues are too wealthy for players to just stand idly by. And that’s a good thing, because we all deserve basic human rights in this country. Whether you All Lives Matter this shit or Black Lives Matter, we all deserve basic human rights. That should be the easiest microcosm we can agree upon.