What an idiot…

Who the fuck wants to drive? Joel Embiid just got guaranteed $95 million in the bank yesterday and now he wants to drive? Dude you could hire people to carry you around for the rest of your life on a throne with that money. You could pay people to lie down while you walked over them for that money. If I had Joel’s money I would Uber everywhere. There’s no chance Embiid has ever left the city. You throw him on I-76 during rush hour and he’ll find out this driving thing is for the birds real quick. Now you have to go back to the DMV every four years and wait three hours to renew your license.

If anything this adds more opportunity for him to get injured. It’s not like he can enjoy driving either. I’m 6’5 and my knees start hurting after a 30 minute car ride. Joel’s 7 feet. What Lamborghini is going to fit a guy who’s 7 feet tall? Look at Shaq trying to fit in his Buick. His knees are about to pick his fucking nose they’re so high up and the door’s not even attached.




It would be an all time move if Joel just bought a Tesla after he got his license just to never drive for the rest of his life.