The SEC just fucking means more!

UGA Ray is the living embodiment of that quote. I don’t know who UGA Ray is, but from watching two videos he’s basically if Danny Boy Cane had a steroid connect. Supposedly, UGA Ray is some Georgia football recruiting “Insider”, which means he’s a guy who reads SEC message boards all day. He’s like the 5 year old they put in the front seat of a firetruck and call him a fireman and the stupid kid actually thinks he has the balls to fight a 5 alarm fire.

He was woken up by his legal team at 5:30am today in his sleep to tell us in his video dropping later today THAT HE IS DROPPING RIGHT NOW not to talk about the University of Florida or Dan Mullen. Well peace legal team! You’re fucking fired! You think UGA Ray is going to be silenced? 


You can’t silence the biggest thing in recruiting in the last 12 years! You can only hope to contain him. Here’s the first video for context of UGA Ray accusing Dan Mullen of stealing Georgia’s hot bed recruits. The FBI & KGB are one step above the SEC in gathering secret intelligence. UGA Ray probably had to hire security so that Dabo couldn’t have him killed and expose his dirty secrets. You think Coronavirus might have a lasting impact on the SEC? UGA Ray holds all the power. Secrets, innocent people murdered, and even grandma’s ashes won’t get in UGA Ray’s way.



Here’s a video a couple days ago for context of UGA Ray accusing Dan Mullen of stealing Georgia’s hot bed recruits.


Do you think UGA Ray’s legal team consists of his parent’s lawyer on retainer because their son threatened another SEC coaches life again? I can’t wait for the trilogy of this story. Are Dan Mullen and Dabo going to plot to have UGA Ray killed? Will our hero take down college football once and for all forgetting that he’s destroying the only thing he loves? Did he pick up his grandmother’s ashes? Or get help for his schizophrenia?





P.S. How excited do you think his parents are that their 35 year old son is finally moving out of their house to Athens?


P.P.S. Anyone reading this who’s never heard of Danny Boy Cane. Culture yourself.