Rule #1: When you’re a reporter and you’re trying to push a pro mask agenda, make sure your cameraman is wearing in a mask. I mean how stupid can this guy be. I’ve never seen someone look so dejected. He looked like a puppy after he pissed on the carpet. Just so ashamed at his cameraman he can’t even look him in the eye. 


Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 1.42.50 AM


Come on. I can’t stop laughing at this. He thought he was about to destroy Devante Adams on live television. Instead Devante Adams hit him with a double move for 6 and Lambeau Leaped on his grave. Fucking Ted Danson in his jorts and flip flops just serving up counterarguments like he’s Sam Malone pouring some cold Sam Adams Boston Lager in Cheers. You know he couldn’t post that to Facebook fast enough. Just hashtagging “Fake News” all over the joint. All his Facebook friends congratulating him and dancing on MSNBCs cold dead body. 

You’re not in your New York anymore Toto. Wisconsin is a whole other animal. We all learned a lesson here and that is choose wisely when going after on live television. Most will cower in fear of a camera. Then you have a guy who left the house dressed in a Davante Adams jersey, jorts, and flip flops. If you take one look at that guy you need to know he’s not someone to mess with. Anyone that left their one bedroom trailer in that outfit doesn’t give a fuck how they’re portrayed.