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The hottest team in hockey before Corona took everything away is back on board to the Cup. There’s a lot to unpack in this situation. First the NHL will be playing in two city hubs for the East and the West.


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The top 4 get a “bye” to the first round and will play in a Round Robin to decide 1-4 seeding while teams seeded 5-12 have to play in a qualifying Round Robin to determine the rest of the top 8.


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The Flyers aren’t the greatest road team, but what they lack on the road they make up for at home with the best record in the NHL.


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So lets make Philadelphia the Hub City for the East Coast. Here we go.


Philly International

philly international

Airports are necessary to fly every team in and every team out. Plus there’s a whole hotel chain right next to the airport where everyone can quarantine in for the duration of the playoffs, which is only going to be a month long. Also, easy access from PHL to the stadium with very little traffic. Plus Sidney Crosby’s bags would be “misplaced”. Or he’ll be attacked by all of the homeless people living in the Hudson News like it’s a tree house.


Spacious Environment Around Wells Fargo




There’s absolutely nothing to do around the Wells Fargo Center. It’s a wasteland of parking and Xfinity Live. You can’t play hockey at MSG because the infection rate is to0 high in NY and it’s right above Penn Station. I’m pretty sure Penn Station was the breeding ground for Corona. There are cannibal rats in that station. Cannibal rats should be an automatic no from the league.

Washington D.C.? They literally eat Corona for breakfast.

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Boston? They can’t even count right up there.


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Tampa Bay? Florida is the virus. No one’s going down there. Corona in my drinking water?

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Philly? Social distance champs of the world.

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Plus there will be no direct contact with anything from PHL to the Farg and no one has had a reason to touch that place in months. You can even keep those random cars in there.


Great Logistics



Philly is built for parades. Broad Street up the Parkway to the Art Museum is a fantastic route. Last time there was a pandemic in 1918 Philadelphia led the way with a parade. Everyone called it a blast at the time. Why not have another? Some would call Philadelphia the greatest city in the world when it comes to throwing a parade to boost morale amidst a pandemic. In June there’s going to be another parade and it’s going to make the one in 1918 look like child’s play.


No Flyers fans to jump in Penalty Box and fight opposing players


No fans means no drunk guys trying to murder them in the Penalty Box. Unless Gary Bettman wants that then I’m sure we can find some people at Tony Luke’s who’d be interested. No Crosby Sucks chants either, which I’m sure if little baby Crosby is ok with than Bettman will do anything that simp wants.


Make the right move Bettman and bring the game of hockey to the best hockey town in the league. I mapped it all out for you.


Payback for Scott Stevens Ruining Our Dynasty


Reparations for scrambling Eric Lindros’ brain and finishing his career in a Flyers jersey in Game 7.