Editor’s Note: This is Mack. Remember living in a civilized world and going to bars to try to pick up women or actually being able to physically go on Hinge dates? Me neither. This isn’t “advice” from a 28 year old woman on how to pick up chicks, but more writing about funny shit she observes as she navigates dating, life, sports, etc from a perspective 99.9% of the readers don’t have. Maybe we’ll all learn something along the way. 




I’m here to help the average guy with some tips on the right and wrong ways of picking up girls in 2020.  We all know you COD playing dorks need the help.

With all of the dating apps and loser boys who don’t know how to pick up girls at a bar, dating can be pretty hard.  Add a global pandemic to the mix and I’d say every single person just might die alone.  But, if you’re like me and decided to hit the apps (mostly because what else is there to do?), then maybe you have experienced this: “What’s your snapchat?”

I’m 28 years old with a college degree and a good job.  If you ask me for my snapchat handle before my phone number, I will delete you faster than you cum.

I realized recently that snapchat is huge for the Gen Zers.  They snap chat back and forth a full-on conversation with dumb pictures of their face behind the text.  I’m not here to *completely* roast these kids.  If that works for them, then so be it.  But I personally don’t want to ask you serious questions while sending you a picture of half my ugly face.

I was talking to a guy on Hinge and things were going as well as you could expect from a Hinge conversation.  He was cute though and seemed pretty normal so that was new and exciting.  We were chatting back and forth effortlessly, and the conversation was flowing.  But then he did exactly what I just explained never to do.  He asked for my Snapchat handle rather than my phone number.  This told me a few things: he’s probably not that serious about looking for a relationship, and he’s probably a child.  Maybe I was completely wrong and that man was meant to be my husband, but I’ll take my chances. 

Ask for my number and have a conversation.  It may go nowhere. No harm, no foul.  We may hit it off and get married.  What an epic story for our grandchildren.  Eventually you can ask for my Instagram and Snapchat.  I’m not saying this is forbidden.  All I’m saying is grow up and have a normal conversation through text messages like the adult that you are.