The AND1 Mixtape Tour was a phenomenon on ESPN2! If someone who was never from here asked you what the style was like in the early 2000s just show them a clip of an AND1 game. Imagine this – the Fab Five was seen as controversial for their baggy style Old people’s heads would’ve exploded if Jalen Rose showed up running point with XXXL shorts. I’m not entirely sure everyone in AND1 didn’t steal the fabric from every early 2000s NBA Draft pick’s suit.

There’s no chance anyone understood the AND1 reality show they put on ESPN2. I’m pretty sure dudes would get voted off, but then come back. There wasn’t ever a real winner. I feel like they would just pick guys off the street so they could play 5 on 5 that night. Some dudes were on the White team one night and the Black team another. I’m probably complicating this more than it has to be, but young Kyle couldn’t understand the concept of the show. But The Professor shot to super stardom thanks to the show so it obviously worked.

Btw – the streetball Nike commercial is still a top 3 all time commercial today…and it ain’t 3.