I thought I was a good knee driver. Not anything special, but maybe like the Cameron Knapp of knee driving. I would be a formidable piece, scrap out a .213/.318/.324, but I won’t wow you or anything. But this guy. Holy shit! This dude is the Babe Ruth of knee driving. Do you know how hard it is to make turns with your knees? We’re not talking veering to the right or left. I’m talking sharp 90 degree angle turns. 360 degrees jughandle type shit. I haven’t seen a Honda whipped like that since Johnny Tran beat Jessie for pink slips in Fast & the Furious.



Honestly, screw the cereal, the weight lifting, pumping a basketball, or playing ping pong (the juggling was impressive because I can’t juggle on land, air or sea let alone knee driving). The full circle around the cul-de-sac while flanked by a red Nissan Altima and a moving truck is LD is calling his shot. You’re not going to get a better sequence of events than that.



How cocky do you think this kid was during his driving test? I’d love to have video of some guy who looks like Ben Stein from the Clear Eyes commercials riding shotgun while his life hangs in the balance of some kids ACL not giving out.

I’m going to need more LD knee driving videos stat. Let’s see how much bigger and better we can get. Take that moving truck for a spin and let’s see how good you are at downshifting 18 different gears and separate the men from the boys. Let him get behind a backhoe or a bulldozer and see what magic he can do with that. I’m sure we can find a building in Philly that needs to be demolished.

P.S. I just realized I combined Cameron Rupp & Andrew Knapp in the first sentence. Two forgettable Phillies that are basically one in the same so I’m not changing it.