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Noseface Killah Spike Eskin vs the Creole Crimestopper. Round 2. READDDDDY…



Oh boy! Quarantine Brain is starting to set in. I love it! It’s been low 50s here for the last couple of days and people rather be stuck inside then walk around, so this was bound to happen. If you need to be brought up to speed here’s the original blog that started everything on Easter Sunday. The two ended by kissing, making up, and in typical 2020 fashion agreed to go on one of their podcasts. Well it looks like Spike put a reservation in for Friday drinks and requested the best table for two underneath a beautiful moonlight, picked out the finest Merlot, paired it with the Chef’s Snapper special, all to be left with his proverbial headphones on and Snowball Mic ready to deliver audio for the masses only to be stood up.

Happens to the best of us. Pay for the wine, hold the fish, dust yourself off, and text your buddies we’re about to get so drunk I want to wake up alone and handcuffed to a bedpost in New Jersey, that my only context clue I’m in the wrong place is the Magnavox TV positioned 5 feet away from me.

Sidenote: If you ever go back to someone’s place and they have a Magnavox, shoot your way out because it’s the only way out. Chances are you end up in SAW situation if not.

But nope, Spike did the complete opposite and sent a billion texts to his date’s phone letting her know that she missed out and he’s happy HE dodged a bullet.

Honestly. Channel that shit some other way. Does it really matter JJ Redick stood you up? Like yea, I know the podcast views are probably hurting and this had the chance to be probably the most popular ever, but to go scorched Earth is a wild move. This was a Howard move. Spike does a good job, when he doesn’t set up fake videos, of staying away from his dad’s schtick of outrage and immediately hating on an idea that is outside his comfort zone. I mean Spike basically accused JJ of contributing to sex trafficking and then was like, “Why are you spending so much time thinking about me?”


This doesn’t feel over and I love it! You think I’m above reaping the pageviews either? Fuck no. It’s a dog eat dog world out there (relax Spike – not real dogs) and the content game doesn’t stop for anyone.


P.S. I think Spike’s on mushrooms. This has to be three of the most random tweets anyone has ever produced chronologically.


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P.P.S. Once again only screenshots of the tweets were used because I don’t want this blog to become worthless if known Twitter Deleter JJ Redick deletes his Twitter again.



It seems that JJ went on The Beat with the Athletic’s Derek Bodner and Rich Hoffman instead. Spike care to comment?

Not mad. Not mad at all.