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First off, let’s just take a minute and realize a Twitter beef between JJ Redick and Spike Eskin was started by this guy. Whatever the opposite of Helen of Troy is that’s this kid. This kid is like the Honey Boo Boo of Troy. I’m pretty sure this kid is picking his nose in between Fortnite games just cackling to his friends he started a Twitter war between two guys in their mid-30s.

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This all started because Spike RT’d this tweet from Pizza the Hut up there.

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JJ didn’t take to kindly to it and I don’t blame him. I gave RTRS about two weeks of listens around the 2018 Heat/Sixers series and stopped listening to it so I don’t know how they spoke about JJ on it. But he did have this to say on the radio back in December.

“The paid him 24 million dollars to come here,” Eskin said to Joe DeCamara who called Redick the “first guy that chose to come here on his own that was a legit NBA player.”

“He’s a fake Sixer, he was never a real Sixer. He lived in Brooklyn. He signed two one-year deals. He left for a bad team in the middle of the country just because they paid him more. Fake Sixer. Proper reaction? No reaction at all. Fake Sixer. Never hit a big shot, never guarded anybody. Fake Sixer.”


Regardless this “beef” had the same amount of punches landed as a Catholic grade school fight at recess. A lot of pushing and shoving, someone’s uniform came untucked, but no one was brave enough to throw a punch. There were jokes about T-Shirt sales, JJ living in Brooklyn while he was in Philly, & JJ mentioning multiple times of staying off social media.

And how did it end? How everything ends in 2020. Hey come on my podcast!

I’ve got absolutely no dog in the fight, but if anyone really hates JJ I don’t understand why. The dude does nothing, but care every time he steps out on the court. I don’t think people give him enough credit for running around screens on offense for 30 minutes a game, 100 games a season at 34. Also, do you know how easy it is to get from NY to Philly nowadays if you’re smart? 90 minutes tops. It takes more than 90 minutes to get from Delco to the Linc on Eagles gamedays. And Spike – I’ll never understand the RTRS love. Just felt like a quieter version of 94WIP with more thought out takes, but hell if you can build a cult like following in this city you’re doing something right. Selfishly, I just wish there were more fireworks for this blog. Call JJ a racist and a pro-sex trafficking activist. Tell Spike he’s got some flowers in the mail for him. Take the gloves off!


P.S. I screenshotted all these tweets, because known social media distancer JJ Redick might delete his profile one day and then this blog becomes worthless. Your welcome readers of the future.